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BK Members win $200 Union Only Payments, Increased Rates

BK members have voted to accept a 50 cent pay per hour pay increase, along with two $200 union member only payments.  See New Rates

The union bargaining team was not enthusiastic about the pay rate increases which result from a very low minimum wage increase.  For the past ten years almost all increases were based on the rise in the official minimum wage - which has been consistently at (or above) inflation - even under a National government. This has changed with the new government with inflation still around 5% but the 1st April 2024 minimum increase will only be 45 cents per hour - 2%. 

All the major Fast Food employers are sticking hard to 2% increases this year (eg McDonalds, KFC, Carls Jr etc). The bargaining team was very clear to BK that this was a problem and suggested a much increased Union member only payment to compensate.


  • 1 April 2024 - 50c per hour increase to current wage rates. This equates to 2.19% on Team Member rates, where the starting rate will be 15c per hour over the Minimum Wage (click here for all the new rates -LINK TO ATTACHED PDF)

  • 1 April 2025 - The higher of the $ increase in the National Minimum Wage of April 2025, or 50c per hour in addition to the 1 April 2024 wage rates

  • Union Only Payment following ratification all current waged union members (and SSMs) who have been a Unite Union member for 6 months (at the date of payment)

  • Union members who work an average of 25 hours / week or more = $200 gross

  • Union members who work an average of less than 25 hours / week = $100 gross

  • Another payment ($200/$100) on 1 April 2025 to waged employees who have been a Unite Union member for 6 months

The pay rates will be increased immediately while the first union member only payment will likely happen in early May - once we have final collective agreement to formally ratify by vote.

The proposed term is until 1st July 2025 so we will be back in bargaining shortly after the April 2025 increase and union-only payment.

We also made significant progress on a number of other important conditions:

Hours & Work Scheduling

  • review of actual hours worked can be requested every 6 months to monitor gap with guaranteed hours

  • all permanent or long term vacant shifts to be offered to existing employees in the restaurant - through the life lens app ideally

  • an employee target /desired hours number to be recorded and used to allocate hours

  • all employees able to achieve up to 40 Agreed Hours per week if they wish.

Other matters

  • Sick Leave - 3 days available from 3 months (currently 6 months) and annual leave available to use as sick leave in first 3 months. Additional leave for those with long term illness who have run out of paid sick leave may be available at BK’s discretion.

  • Maintenance Team Members will be provided with non-slip, safety shoes (or boots) at no cost

  • Members who return from Parental Leave will have the value of their annual leave protected

  • Extreme Events Policy to be deleted to ensure Burger King supports employees through natural disasters, fire, pandemic etc.

  • BK to investigate collecting and reporting on ethnic pay gap measures (they already do gender pay gap measuring)

  • Basic First Aid (online) education for all employees as part of the new Rea Learning Management System

  • Position Descriptions to be redeveloped, particularly more demarcation on Maintenance Team Member

  • Updated breaks schedule and improved breaks compliance processes

  • Centralised employee transfer process to be developed

Union matters

  • Improved and streamlined processes for new employees to be given information about the union and the ability to make a choice about joining the union at the start of employment.

  • Unite union area on existing noticeboards with space for newsletters.

  • EREL Leave to be paid to attend Unite National conference and delegate training days, even on rostered days off.

  • Unite Union and BK “Operations Meeting” - 3 monthly online meetings to discuss ongoing concerns and issues, especially health and safety matters.

  • Updated and simplified union store access agreement

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