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Skycity Auckland
Skycity Hamilton

Welcome from SEA-Unite! Congratulations on your new job at SkyCity.


Unite Union is a modern, 21st century organisation of workers. Our mission is to lift wages, improve conditions and win respect for workers across New Zealand. We have helped improve the rights of ALL worker through legal changes like:

  • Ending zero hour contracts

  • Ending youth rates

  • Winning a Pathways to Residency for migrant workers


The SkyCity Employees Association (SEA-Unite), our SkyCity branch, is the largest union at SkyCity with over 600 members.

We have a proud history at SkyCity in negotiating improvements in wages and conditions and protecting workers when their rights are threatened.

Among the many improvements we have negotiated are:

  • Pay rises every year that are nearly always above inflation

  • Time and a half for overtime

  • A union only payment of $125 paid each quarter until December 2023

  • Improved redundancy pay

  • Cheap meals and car parking

  • Guaranteed minimum hours for part time staff that can be improved to suit the workers needs.


If you have an issue at work, SEA-Unite members can get advice or legal support to uphold your rights. Where there is a dispute, or you’re in trouble with the company, the union can provide representation for meetings with management.

Where we have more members, we are able to win better employment agreements. It’s important that not only you become a member, but make sure your workmates sign up too!

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Skycity Auckland

Download Collective Agreement

Sign-up new members to get a bonus payment of $125 four times over the next year and $20 for yourself.

Ask a non-member you know to join SEA-Unite this week by going to this online membership form.

They will get $125 bonus in their final pay December 28 this year - just like all current SEA-Unite members like yourself. It is a no-brainer! They will then get a further three payments of $125 each three months for the rest of the year. That's $500 union member bonus when fees are between $2 and $7 a week - a maximum cost of $350 this year.

If you register as a SEA-Unite recruiter using this form you will get $20 extra per new member that you sign up. Just make sure they put your name in the "Recruiter" section when they join.

To get the December payment they need to join by noon on Friday 22nd December.


Skycity Hamilton

Download Collective Agreement

SkyCity has offered a below inflation rise for nearly everyone at the company and that means a pay cut in reality. 

We have been forced to fight for a living wage at SkyCity by taking industrial action. Get ready!

The living wage from 1 September means a $23.65 start rate. That requires another 5% increase on the base rate of $22.50 they have already offered and another 5% on average for everyone else to maintain margins for skill.

The company will be releasing its profit number for the year at the annual shareholders' meeting this Thursday. While profit will be down because of the pandemic, business is virtually back to normal and they have made hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 25 years. 

Workers deserve their fair share. They deserve a living wage!

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