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Star Hospitality

As more and more independently owned restaurants, cafes and bars are bought up by hospitality conglomerates, Unite has begun organising in these sites to offer these hospo workers the chance to join a union, forge collective agreements and to improve their wages and conditions.

Hospo workers at independently owned restaurants, cafes and bars can also join Unite! While we may not be able to negotiate a collective agreement for small sites, we can support and advise our members at these workplaces to help them know their rights, improve their wages and conditions, and empower themselves!

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Star Hospitality

Some of your colleagues at Star Hospitality (formerly Kapura and Joylab) have joined Unite union. We’d like you to join us too to make working in hospitality better.


Unite union is the union for hospitality workers. A union is a democratic, member run organisation whose mission is to make work better for members. Recently some people have joined unite at Star Hospitality and we are now inviting all other staff at star to get involved.


Lead Star Hospitality Organiser

Ben Peterson

What We Want

Unite has initiated negotiations for a union employment agreement at Star Hospitality. this means we have an opportunity to negotiate better pay, better practices around hours, and whatever other improvements you would like to see. what this looks like is really up to you- our members set our direction. the issues we have been told about so far are:


Living Wages

In 2022 the Kapura group made a lot of media announcing they would be paying a living wage to all staff (currently $26). Since the acquisition by Star Hospitality, which is owned by the Heinecken corporation, this has not happened, despite Heinecken policy supporting living wages. Living wages are important to protect, especially given cost of living pressures.


Secure and Decent Work

Workers at Star Group need to have decent and secure work. Minimum guaranteed shifts and hours are important for people to have secure employment. rosters need to be available and it needs to be transparent and fair.


A Voice at Work

Workers are the experts at their jobs, you deserve to be treated well, be respected, and feel ownership over your workplace. This means having a union formed, that’s respected as a voice of workers.


Join Today

A union has been formed and now exists, there will be a union contract for these members. how strong that is up to you. The more people we have, the better outcomes we can achieve. We believe you deserve good work - and together we can make it happen.


Join Here!



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