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Join Unite

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Unite is a loud, proactive union. We ensure our members have a seat at the table and that their voices are heard in their workplaces. We work together to win better working conditions and higher pay.

Whether you're looking for more secure hours, better pay, representation or you have a sense of justice, joining Unite is for you.

Our fees are only 1.2% of gross pay with a minimum of $2.50/week and a maximum of $7.25/week ($4.75/week if your site doesn't have a collective), so join now!

Membership with Unite also gives you automatic insurance coverage for $1,500 for death and dismemberment. This can be increased to $10,000 for just $5 a year. See here for more details.

Workplaces with Collective Agreements

If your workplace is currently covered by a CEA with Unite union, click the join button below.

Workplaces without Collective Agreements

If your workplace does not currently have a CEA, or if you're unsure, select one of the options below:

Register as a Unite Recruiter

If you would like to become a recruiter for Unite union, please click here to register.

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