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Luxon the Maccas Hypocrite

Luxon has happy memories of working in McDonalds in the early 90s because he enjoyed penalty rates under the award (fair pay agreement) at the time! But now he wants to pull the ladder up behind him and deny young workers the same rights he had.

We shouldn't be surprised.

There's a real pattern with the National party - MPs who've enjoyed the benefits of left policies and union action in their own lives then try and pull up the ladder for the next generation. So Luxton's current plan to repeal a Fair Pay Agreements for hospitality workers is just part of a tradition this lot have - be it uni fees when they went for free, privatisation to enrich their business mates when they've enjoyed low cost state-funded provision of essential services, attacks on welfare and the DPB from Key and Bennet, and now lies about penalty rates being unworkable.

If you're a hospo worker, Unite union are currently rolling out nationwide FPA claims meetings for you to find out more about the FPAs and have your say as to what we should be fighting for and what our top priorities are.

See the full list of upcoming hospo FPA meetings here.

Come along and take part before Luxon and his hypocritical mates in the National and Act parties try to do the dirty to hospitality workers. Again.

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