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Employer FPA Information

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Unite is bargaining for a Fair Pay Agreement to raise the pay and improve working conditions for all hospitality workers across Aotearoa.

Hospo employers can go to our dedicated page for employers at to learn about employer obligations during FPA bargaining (see below for a summary).

Employers can also download the full employer notification pack here (PDF)

We have created a spreadsheet to make it easy to provide employee contact details:

This is summary of what is required from you in the next few months if you have employees who are covered under Unite Union’s proposed Fair Pay Agreement:

1. Identify covered employees. For most hospo businesses this will include all employees.

2. Within 20 working days give covered employees the two forms in the pack:

  • The statement from Unite Union for employees

  • The MBIE form explaining that employers will provide contact details of employees to Unite Union (unless they opt out – form also provided)

3. Provide employee contact details to Unite Union.

  • This needs to be done as soon as practicable between 20 and 30 working days after providing the employee statement .

  • Contact details can be sent to or using templates and forms above and also available at

4. If new covered employees start work you must also give them the forms and notify Unite Union of their contact details as soon as is practicable after 20 working days.

5. Allow Union representatives to talk to covered employees during work time (for a “reasonable” time) if they visit the workplace.

If there are no employees then you don’t have to do anything – the Fair Pay Agreement will not apply.

You can also email us at if you need any assistance meeting these requirements.

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