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There will be large protests this Thursday against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, which is due to be signed at Skycity.  The government is not allowing citizens to have a vote on this major change to our economy - referenda are only for flags.  Why unions oppose the TPPA.  1.       It strengthens corporate power By giving foreign corporations in the TPPA the power to sue the New Zealand government in unaccountable offshore tribunals of corporate lawyers when their profits are threatened. By giving foreign corporations the right to be consulted over changes New Zealand governments want to make. By encouraging...

By Joe Carolan, Unite Organiser and  Co-Ordinator of Campaign for a Living Wage - $15ph now After five years of strikes and struggles, a million conversations at gigs, workplaces and sports events that collected a quarter of a million voters signatures for a referendum petition, which quickly won 70% approval in mainstream news polls - on Tuesday the Government finally announced it would take the minimum wage above $15 an hour. Joe Carolan left on 2009 picket to launch the campaign.
Minimum wage to rise to at least $15 an hour

PM John Key and his National government say most Kiwis support the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and those who don’t are ignorant or manipulated. Show him he’s wrong. Help us to fill the Auckland Town Hall tomorrow, Tuesday 26th at 7pm in the first TPPA: Don’t Sign public meetings.
TPPA:Don’t Sign – Fill the Auckland Town Hall tomorrow (Tues) 7pm

By Mike Treen, Unite National Director. (Reprinted from The Daily Blog) Big banks and mainstream economists are now predicting an economic disaster befalling the world economy over the next few years. Some previous neo-liberal stalwarts of free-market capitalism are now demanding that the state intervenes to save capitalism from itself.
Can we avert economic Armageddon

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