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By Shanna Reeder, Unite Hotels Organiser Unite Union has been approached by several former and current workers at an inner city Auckland hotel alleging wage theft by their employer. Their employer has a long-standing relationship with a company called “In-Work.” The workers report there is a steady supply of workers...
WINZ work broker facilitates wage theft at luxury inner city hotel

This years ECO conference saw what Jeanette Fitzsimons described as a coming together of “natural allies”  with environmentalists and unions exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with realising a just transition for workers and communities here in Aotearoa.
Unions and environmental groups come together as “natural allies”
Unions and environmental groups come together as “natural allies”

By Priyanca Radhakrishnan  (Reprinted from Indian Newslink) A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members – Mahatma Gandhi. Restaurant workers paid less than $4 an hour; workers’ passports held by their employer and only returned when the media gets involved; migrant workers who work 70 hours...
Exploitation of migrant workers tantamount to slavery

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Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Ben Peterson and John Crocker about the Housing Crisis, the fight to defend Corbyn in the British Labour Party, Black Lives Matter and the contrast to the rsponse to recent police shootings in both USA and Aotearoa.

Ever get pressure from you boss about sick leave? Listen to this week's radio show with Shanna and Nadia to hear about your rights and the tricks some employers use to cheat you out of them...

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Mike Treen and Tobi Muir about legalising drugs, banning zero hour contracts, changing flags, and the growth in Socialist electoral alternatives internationally.

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