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Hospo Fair Pay Agreement

Image by Alina Grubnyak


Here are the improvements we wanted to see for all  workers under a Hospo Fair Pay Agreement:

  • Living Wage ($26/hr)

  • Overtime for 40hours+

  • Penal rates (nights/weekends)

  • A fair Tips policy (no employer retention of tips)

  • Split shift allowance


Hours of Work
  • Guaranteed hours (including correct use of casuals)

  • Breaks (15 min paid, and actually getting them)

  • Finish times on rosters with your choice to work later or not

  • Getting paid for every hour worked


  • Access to quality training and qualifications

  • Pay increases linked to training, skills and experience

Fair Pay Agreements Scrapped


The National/ACT NZ First Government  repealed the Fair Legislation at the end of 2023.  While that means we can’t use that process to bargain better pay and conditions for all hospo workers, we can still bargain with employers directly to achieve the same improvements, just as we have for the past twenty years for Fast Food, Hotel, Casino and Cinema workers across Aotearoa.


As part of our Fair Pay activity we undertook a massive survey of hospo workers in association with Dr. David Williamson from AUT. We will be sharing the results shortly but, it is clear the need for a better deal is as great as ever. 

  • Days in lieu (pro-rate for those always missing out on Mondays )

  • Sick leave – no blocking or pressure to work when sick


Health and Safety
  • Proper Bullying and harassment policies to ensure complaints are properly investigated - for both customers and managers/ workmates

  • Safe staffing levels


Union business
  • A real choice choice to join a union at the start of employment

  • Union only member payments


If these sound like the conditions you want at your work then the first step is to join Unite - go here  to find out more about becoming part of the hospitality union..

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