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By Jenée Tibshraeny A tax expert is calling for an overhaul of the way we treat white collar criminals compared to benefit fraudsters. Victoria University of Wellington Associate Professor of Taxation, Lisa Marriott, wants to see an independent inquiry undertaken into our justice system, further to her research highlighting the extent...

  “Today New Zealand mourns the loss of union leader Helen Kelly. She was a fighter who died after a battle with cancer. Helen died too young, and will always be remembered in our hearts, minds and on the frontlines of the fight for everyday working people. Helen lived her...
Working people mourn Helen Kelly – a statement from CTU president Richard Wagstaff

Workers at one of the country's biggest fast-food enterprises have reason to celebrate. Their employer, Restaurant Brands, struck a deal with the Unite Union in which workers' hours and shifts will be guaranteed on a permanent basis. The new collective agreement moves from a formula in which hours were guaranteed...
NZ Herald Editorial: Fast-food company steals a march on rivals

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Shanna Reeder talks to Housing Advocate Milo West about why the housing crisis is a issue for workers and unions.

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Ben Peterson and John Crocker about the Housing Crisis, the fight to defend Corbyn in the British Labour Party, Black Lives Matter and the contrast to the rsponse to recent police shootings in both USA and Aotearoa.

Ever get pressure from you boss about sick leave? Listen to this week's radio show with Shanna and Nadia to hear about your rights and the tricks some employers use to cheat you out of them...

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