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End the Genocide! Nationwide Demonstrations Nov 11th&12th!

For more details of all local events, please visit the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa - PSNA facebook page.

"Stop bombing Gaza! End the Genocide! Ceasefire NOW!

Join the global movement of humanity to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

The genocidal slaughter in Gaza goes on with more than 10,000 Palestinians civilians killed – including more than 3,900 Palestinian children.

And while the people of the world are horrified at the human carnage we see on our TV screens, western politicians sit on their hands and won’t call for a ceasefire.

Labour and National in New Zealand are wedded to the US and Israel with token support at best for Palestinians.

How else to explain their self-righteous condemnation of the killing of Israeli civilians while refusing to condemn Israel’s genocidal attacks on Palestinians or even call for a ceasefire?

Once more it is the people of the world who rising up in a great wave demanding the end of the genocide in Gaza and giving strong political solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Be part of this huge global movement – join your local rally this weekend to demand our politicians call for a ceasefire."

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