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Unite Fees

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These fees are as of 1st April 2022 and are normally reviewed every two years by the Unite Executive. The next fee review will be in April 2024.

Unite Union fees are calculated according to your weekly pay or hours of work. The maximum fee payable depends on whether Unite has negotiated (or is re-negotiating) a union collective agreement with your employer.

Employers where we have a collective agreement

The fees are a minimum of $2 (weekly gross pay of $167 or less) and a maximum of $7 (weekly gross pay of $584 or more). In between the fee is 1.2% of your gross pay. So if you earn $300 a week the fee would be $3.60, $400 would mean a weekly fee of $4.40. 

Your employer will deduct fees from your pay each pay cycle and send them to Unite. If your pay goes up or down the fee will be automatically adjusted according the fee formula above. When you leave your employment the fee deductions will stop at the same time as your pay.

Employers where we do not have a collective agreement (yet) where employers do not deduct fees

There are many employers where we do not have an arrangement to deduct fees from pay and, in this case, you will need to pay your union fees directly.  This can be done by monthly subscription using a credit or debit card.

There is a simplified fee structure (because the amount can't be adjusted each week) that is based on the average number of paid hours you work each week.

 If you have applied to join Unite and need to set up a credit/debit card fee deduction use the appropriate link below to set up the payment. Please use the same email you used in your application on the payment form so we can link the two together. 


Those with average weekly paid hours 10 per week or less = $2.25 a week ($9.75 monthly - click here to set up now)


Average weekly paid hours between 11 and 29 per week = $3.50 a week ($15.15 monthly- click here to set up now)


Average weekly paid hours 30 or more per week = $4.50 a week ($19.50 monthly- click here to set up now)

  • Payments are made through a secure third party service and Unite does not store any credit card details.

  • The direct payments include a 25 cent per week transaction cost to cover bank fees and additional admin costs.

  • If you have just applied to join Unite and your employer does not deduct fees then your application cannot be fully processed until a direct fee payment is set up. 

  • Unite may request pay information from your employer to confirm you are on the correct fee level. If your regular hours change up or down, contact us to adjust your regular payments.

  • You can stop payments anytime you don't want to continue as a member, but up to month's fees may be charged (depending on the date of your monthly payment).

  • If you are unable to set up a credit or debit card payment please contact us for instructions on setting up a regular bank automatic payment.

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