What is Unite?


Unite is a campaigning union that fights to improve workers’ wages and work conditions through negotiations and campaigns.

We protect members and ensure they are treated fairly at work.


Who is Unite?

We’re a democratic, non-profit, voluntary movement of workers from many different sectors.
People are joining because they want a union that will work positively with their employer but will also fight for them.


Strength in Numbers


In any employment relationship there is always more power with an employer. When workers join together it evens things up a bit.


Unite is New Zealand’s fastest growing private sector community union

We cover workers in following areas and more:

Restaurants Hotels Call centres
Casinos Cinemas Security
Language schools Retail Hospitals

If your workplace isn't listed then just get in touch.

For more information about the union and it's history you can download A Short History of Unite by Mike Treen (1.5mb PDF file)


Unite Incorporated Rules

Unite is an Incorporated Society and Registered Union.
Unite's structure is:


Unite's rules are set by members at the AGM meeting or by special membership ballot.
The current rules were last amended at the 2018 AGM.

You can download the current rules here
(PDF file 175KB)

Unite has a Women's Caucus within the union that meets regularly and in confidence to discuss issues that affect women. Click here for more information.