Workers Voice - Unite Radio

Workers Voice - St Patricks Day Special

Chloe Anne King and Joe Carolan talk to Unite Director Mike Treen and hospo worker Ingrid N on zero hours contracts, the exploitation of hospo workers on Ten Dollar Roads, and the big changes in Ireland 100 years after the 1916 Easter Rising.

Workers Voice 27 Feb 2016 - "Suffragette" and women in the union movement

Shanna Reeder reviews "Suffragette" and delves into the history of women in the union movement.

Workers Voice 13 Feb 2016 - Waitangi vs Australia Day + TPPA

This week Shanna Reeder speaks to Real Choice Organiser Julia Espinoza and Unite Organiser Renee Cope about their perspective on the TPPA and we ask, Is Australia Day racist, and is Waitangi Day still relevant? 

Workers Voice 06 Feb 2016 - TPPA, after the marches & blockades

Joe Carolan talks to Treaty rights activist Helen Te Hira, Real Choice Blockader Benjamin John and Socialist Stephen Hassan

Workers Voice 30 Jan 2015 - Waitangi, TPPA, & Paris

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to climate activist Gary Cranston, E TU organiser Chris Rigby and the Mana Movement's Repia Trei on TPPA protests, the Paris climate talks, and the run up to Waitangi day.

Workers Voice 16 Jan 2016 - Union Youth Movement

Unite Union Hotel Delegate Aleesha Patterson give us her opinion on young people in the union movement.