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The Housing Crisis - Workers Voice September 16

Shanna Reeder talks to Housing Advocate Milo West about why the housing crisis is a issue for workers and unions.

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Housing Crisis in AK, Civil war in Labour UK, Black Lives Matter in the USA- Workers Voice July16

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Ben Peterson and John Crocker about the Housing Crisis, the fight to defend Corbyn in the British Labour Party, Black Lives Matter and the contrast to the rsponse to recent police shootings in both USA and Aotearoa.

Workers Voice 18 May 2016 - Your rights on sick leave

Ever get pressure from you boss about sick leave? Listen to this week's radio show with Shanna and Nadia to hear about your rights and the tricks some employers use to cheat you out of them...

Workers Voice - 03 April 2016 - Flags, drugs and the rising Socialist alternatives

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Mike Treen and Tobi Muir about legalising drugs, banning zero hour contracts, changing flags, and the growth in Socialist electoral alternatives internationally.

Workers Voice 19 March 2016 - Paid Parental Leave and living on a zero hours contract

Shanna Reeder is joined in the studio by Unite Union Co-President Tina Barnett, we find out what it is like to live on a zero hours contract, and whether 18 weeks Paid Parental Leave is enough.

Workers Voice 13 March 2016 - Ending Zero Hour Contracts

In this episode of Worker's Voice, Ben Peterson reflects on the End Zero Hours campaign led by Unite, and looks at how unions can fight for and win change".