Minimum wage crusaders in US are holding a convention – to talk about racism


By Jim Tankersley

(Reprinted from The Washington Post)

Thousands of low-wage workers will gather in Richmond, Va., next month in an attempt to unify the racial and economic protest movements currently animating the American left.

The inaugural Fight for $15 convention, slated for Aug. 12-13, springs from the now four-year-old push to increase government-mandated minimum wages and expand worker access to unions. But organizers chose the convention location, in the capital of the old Confederacy, to deepen their movement's links to activists seeking citizenship for immigrants who entered the United States illegally and to Black Lives Matter, which protests police violence against African-Americans.

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New Zealand Labour Letter July, 2016

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National Labour News

Helen Kelly, former president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, was honoured with a portrait at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. The portrait, painted by Lee Robinson, was donated by the city and presented to the gallery by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. Wade-Brown said Kelly was a strident campaigner for social justice, the rights of New Zealand workers and medical marijuana as she fought a public battle with cancer. "Through all this time she's been a passionate Wellingtonian and deserves to be recognised for the great work she's achieved in the capital for so many New Zealanders," said Wade-Brown. Kelly called the occasion “fabulous that the council had recognised other participants in the community like unions.” She served as president of the CTU from 2007 until October 2015 when she stepped down due to her illness. She was noted as an outspoken advocate for better safety standards in the New Zealand forestry industry

Helen Kelly, former president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

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Your rights and ACC

By Gary Cranston, Unite Organiser
If you have suffered an accident that affects your ability to work, you may be eligible for ACC to cover the pay you normally receive through your job. This could be a temporary thing while you recover over a short period of time, or if your injury prevents you from working then you may be covered for as long as it takes.
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Fast food companies making big money



If you're the owner of a fast food company in New Zealand, you've had a very, very good year.

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LGBTIQ? Unite fights for everyone!

Unite Union is a union for all workers. We believe that it is important to stand up for everyone in our workplaces, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or what rugby team you go for (yes, even crusaders fans).
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Your sick leave rights



Because Humans get sick sometimes!

1. If you, your spouse, or a person who depends on you for care is sick or injured, you don’t have to go to work

In fact, it’s a bad idea to go to work sick. You might infect your work mates or slow your recovery
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Why Corbyn will win

By Mike Treen, Unite National Director

(Reprinted from The Daily Blog)

The attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn will fail despite the vote of no confidence by 172 Labour members of parliament against 40 in his support.

The reason why they will fail in removing Corbyn as leader was highlighted by the recently released report into the Iraq war by Sir John Chilcot. This disastrous and unpopular war was forced onto the British people by Tony Blair as the then Labour prime Minister. The vast majority of those who voted for war are among the 172. Corbyn and his supporters did not support the war and their opposition has been justified by history.


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Solidarity with UNITE HERE members on strike at Trump Taj Mahal casino hotel

Hotel workers and members of UNITE HERE Local 54 in Atlantic City are on strike at the Trump Taj Mahal hotel casino in Atlantic City, United States and have asked for international support. 
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SkyCity workers in solidarity with Iraqi community


By Joe Carolan, Organiser for the Skycity Employees Association of Unite Union

There was something very powerful at the centre of our beloved Auckland city on the night of July 6th-here in this city where so many cultures work and live together in peace, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere shines in the colours of the Iraqi people, in solidarity with their suffering, and on the day the #‎Chilcot report will expose some of truth of how the present disaster came to be. 13 years ago, the centres of all our major global cities and towns were thronged by millions of us marching against war and imperialism - tonight, Auckland shines for Baghdad. Time for justice.

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Important notice on pay for Accor/Unite members

Union members may notice that non-union workers may have been offered a 2.5% payrise.

Unite Union is happy to report that union members have also been offered this payrise (with backpay), however we are still looking for an improved offer from your company on hours.

We know that a small payrise is not going to improve workers lives enough. Our members asked us to seek an end to zero hour contract in 2016 and this is what we intend to achieve.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Please contact your Organiser on 0800 2 UNITE if you have any questions.