National Head Office:

Phone: 0800 2 UNITE (0800 286 483) or direct dial (09) 845 2132

Fax: 09 846 9509

Postal Address: PO Box 41211, St Lukes, Auckland 1346


Find Your Organiser:

Fast Food Restaurants

Angelyse-Heitiare Armstrong
Is the Organiser for Waikato and also organises some South Auckland fast food sites.
022 077 0881

Gary Cranston
Is the Fast Food Lead Organiser for Auckland and Northland
029 455 5979

Danni Wilkinson
Is a Fast Food Organiser in Auckland.

Casinos, Hotels, Hospitals, Cinemas, Security and Other

Joe Carolan
Is a Senior Organiser for SkyCity Casino.
029 445 5702

Renee Cope
Is the National Co-ordinator for Hotels. Organiser based in Auckland.
021 447 067

Andre Rabe
Organises Postal Workers in the upper North Island on behalf of the Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa and is based in Auckland.

Hannah Shelton Agar
Is Unite’s Cinemas Organiser, based in Auckland.
022 573 6707

Shirley Wang
Is Unite’s Call Centre Organiser, based in Auckland.

Regional Organisers

Aneta Chadderton
Is the Organiser for the Waikato Hotels and all Bay of Plenty members.
027 530 7560

Amy Forrest
Is the Fast Foods Organiser for Wellington and Wairarapa members
022 303 7507

Georgine Smith
Is an Organiser for Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast members.
022 301 6796

Jasmine Taankink
Is the Organiser for Wellington Hotels, Call Centres and Cinemas
022 043 0669

Shiloh Tahuri
Is the Organiser for Manawatu,Horowhenua, Whanganui,Taranaki and Hawkes Bay members
029 445 4959

Angus Wilson
Is the Organiser for Otago and Southland members and is based in Dunedin.
022 353 0408

National Organisers

Gerard Hehir
Is the National Secretary with overall responsibility for the staff and management and is based in Palmerston North.
021 0294 0345

Mike Treen
Is the National Director and has responsibilities for day to day operations with specific responsibilities for the Fast Food Restaurants and Language Schools.
029 525 4744

Support Staff

Duncan Allen
Is an Industrial Officer and provides support for Unite staff and is based in Wellington.

John Crocker
Is on sabbatical leave this year.

Ekta Punj
Is the Office Manager and is based at Unite’s Auckland Office.

Jessie Reddaway
Is the Support Administrator and is based at Unite’s Auckland Office.

Shanna Reeder
Is member support and is based in Auckland

Jeremy Roundill
Is the Database Manager and is based in Auckland.
09 280 3916