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Earthquake information: Employer Responses

Unite has contacted all employers of Unite members in the Christchurch area. The email we sent out is copied below.
These are some of the shorter responses we have received or had forwarded to us from Christchurch employers. We will update information as we receive it.

If any Christchurch member has not heard form their employer about pay and working hours please contact Unite asap on 08002UNITE or

For detailed responses see the following pages:
Millenium Hotels
Restaurant Brands (KFC, Starbucks and Pizza Hut
ISS and First Security
Accor Hotels

Language schools forging ahead

It's a long time since we've updated on the language schools but we have been making excellent progress. Unite now has collective agreements with seven schools (Dominion, GEOS, Kaplan Aspect, EF International, Sheffield, Queens Academic, Crown Institute). Three of these schools (Dominion, GEOS and Kaplan Aspect) have bases in Auckland and Christchurch) and we are finalising agreements with Eurocentres and St George in the next two weeks.We have initiated bargaining with two more schools - Languages International and Embassy/Taylors here in Auckland.

Kaplan Language school reaches settlement

Kaplan Language school reaches settlement

After a concentrated battle union members at Kaplan Aspect reached agreement recently with the company on a collective agreement.

It's been a rugged time for teachers at the school with the company wanting to increase time at school when teachers were not teaching.

Kaplan Aspect was effectively asking for 15 hours more time at school each week without compensation.

Previously teachers were free to work either at school or at home and many people had built their lives around the flexibility this offered to staff to work other jobs or organise childminding arrangements.

It took a day-long strike on 26 March to provide the momentun for a breakthough and eventual settlement.

English Language Teachers Strike

Teaching staff at the Kaplan Aspect English Language School in Parnell Auckland went on strike yesterday in support of their Collective Employment Agreement claims.

This decision comes after the company announced a “restructuring” which Mike Treen, National Director of Unite, the teachers' union, called a blatant attempt to get around good faith negotiations.

Treen said the company has told staff they have to accept the company’s new conditions or be made redundant. These conditions include increasing the teaching hours from 22.5 to 24 and imposing a requirement to be on site for 37.5 hours a week when this was optional for non-contact teaching hours previously.

Kaplan Strike

Kaplan Strike

EF Language School reaches 100% union membership.

Recently union membership at EF Language School has hit 100 percent (not counting school management). This is a result of the great benefits gained for EF staff achieved by the union (Unite) and the hard work put in by its members on site.
The latest members have cited negotiated increases in pay rates and job security as the main reasons for their decision to join Unite union. Also mentioned was the feeling of being supported by colleagues and union representatives and being a part of something important.
In the last year EF staff have received reasonable pay rises and improved working conditions. Negotiations are currently underway to build on these gains.

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