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A new union agreement was reached with McDonalds which members accepted at ratification meetings held throughout late August and early September. Highlights of the agreement include:

• Two-year deal, backdated to April 1, 2011, meaning only 18 months before new bargaining. Retention of previous wage relativities above minimum wage for all graded positions, set increase for supervisors, and minimum of 2% for supervisors in second year of deal.

• New targeted scheduled hours protocol which will limit wide fluctuations of employees work hours by ensuring staff who average at least 25 hours will not be reduced by more than 25%.

• Increased delegate’s rights.

Events, Rialto and Hoyts members vote for MECA

99% of cinema members who took part in the the vote supported negotiating a Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) supported it.

Although all of our Christchurch members were unable to hold meetings (their workplaces remain closed after the earthquake), the resounding yes vote (86 of 87 total votes) means that negotiations can begin shortly.

Earthquake information: Employer Responses

Unite has contacted all employers of Unite members in the Christchurch area. The email we sent out is copied below.
These are some of the shorter responses we have received or had forwarded to us from Christchurch employers. We will update information as we receive it.

If any Christchurch member has not heard form their employer about pay and working hours please contact Unite asap on 08002UNITE or

For detailed responses see the following pages:
Millenium Hotels
Restaurant Brands (KFC, Starbucks and Pizza Hut
ISS and First Security
Accor Hotels

“Tour of Shame” of unscrupulous Christchurch employers

On Sunday 19th Sept Unite Union will be conducting lightning pickets across the city of Christchurch to name and shame the unscrupulous employers that have put profit before the welfare of their staff during the aftermath of the 7.1 earthquake.

“Just like the people of Christchurch, most companies have behaved amazingly well, whilst there are those individuals who have chosen to act appallingly during this uncertain time.” Said Matt Jones, Christchurch Unite Organiser

SkyCity Cinemas sold

Skycity cinemas sold
SkyCity Cinemas have been sold to Australian entertainment group Amalgamated Holdings Ltd (AHL) for $59 million. This included 14 Skycity cinema complexes in New Zealand, including Wellington’s Embassy Theatre, plus joint venture interests in the Rialto Group and interests in Fiji.

AHL is the parent company of Greater Union and the Event cinemas which are a both prominent Australian cinema companies.

Dude - where are my comps?

no tickets
Hoyts Cinema chains have mounted an assault on long standing conditions of cinema workers. Skycity is also proposing to remove the longstanding admit 2 complimentary staff tickets.

For years, cinema assistants have been able to access one complimentary movie ticket for themselves and one for a friend each week. They have to use these “comps” at off peak times, so they don’t actually cost the company any real money. The rationale has been that cinema workers ought to be well informed about the movies being shown. After all, they have to answer the movie-going public’s questions.

Short till? Don't get forced to pay

Unite recently got a Pizza Hut worker $100 back after they had been pressured to reimburse for a till that was short. Unite members are advised not to offer to personally reimburse for till shortfalls. Get in touch with the union if you come under pressure to make up the difference yourself.

Readings Movieland bargaining update

Unite has been negotiating with Readings cinemas over the Movielands contract over the past three months. There has been some improvements being offered on the transport allowance, projectionist tools, providing milk and sugar along with the tea, coffee and milo and implementation of breaks. Three claims remained outstanding; security of hours, food and beverage discount and the term of the agreement. It seemed like progress was being made on these issue but Readings notified Unite that they will not include security of hours in the contract, they want to remove all food and beverage discounts and have a three year contract!

Rosters and Hours of work in Cinemas

Over the last month several issues have been raised with Unite organisers regarding security or hours and roster protocols, the following is a summary of what your contract says about these important issues.

Cinema workers accept new company offer and settle with SkyCity Cinemas

SkyCity and Rialto cinemas workers voted overwhelmingly last week to accept a new contract that will lift their wages to equal the highest cinema rates in the country.

The settlement followed strikes taken in June this year when workers rejected a minimum wage offer by NZ largest cinema operator.

Unite union cinemas organiser Tom Buckley says the union will send a letter of appreciation to those workers who took strike action at the St Lukes and Henderson cinemas.

"If these workers hadn't taken action we would have been left with the original offer which only included a discount on parlour ice-cream and 3.5% wage increase for senior positions," he explains.

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