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The following issues were identified as key issues for the negotiations at the first joint stop work meetings.

  • Collective agreement allowance / no pass-on's. This is to ensure that benefits negotiated by the union are not given to IEA staff

  • Minimum rate of $15

  • Long service pay

  • No cutting of staff benefits through price increases outside of negotiation. (e.g. Car park, 24/7)

  • Fix part time and casual contracts to give greater security of hours and protections.

  • Deal with problems of increased workloads due to staff shortages company-wide.

  • No Split-shifts.

  • Departmental issues.

A full and final list will be adopted at the April 17 Stop Work meetings.

SEA-Unite builds towards negotiations later in the year

SEA-Unite is renegotiating the Collective Agreement which expires at the end of June this year. They expect to be in negotiations well before then. SEA-Unite have already begun to draw up claims. This year there is agreement for members of both Unite and Service and Food Workers unions to negotiate together and SEA-Unite will be having joint stopwork meetings in March to elect a negotiating team.
It is time to bring as many non-union staff aboard to be ready to join the fight for a decent pay rise and improved conditions. Keep an eye out for the SEA-Unite organising team on site.

Sky City profit drive threatens jobs

SkyCity Entertainment Group announced an after tax net profit of $98.4 million dollars last week for the year ending June.
The result was down on the previous year even though total revenue was up $52 million to $816 million, an increase of just under 7% on the prior year.
The poor performer from the shareholders point of view has been the flagship casino in Auckland. Executive heads have rolled and a drive to increase profits has been applied there with vigour over the past months. Staff benefits like the late night taxi service have been targetted to cut back, staffing reduced and the cost of staff meals and carparking increased.

Skycity profit drive undermines safety of staff and customers

by Mike Treen
Unite Organiser

SkyCity management are seriously undermining the safety of staff and customers in their desperate pursuit of higher profits.
That is the claim Mike Treen, National Director of Unite, the union representing staff at SkyCity.
“In the past few weeks we have leant that they are cutting security staff to the bare bones and removing transport to and from work for those staff who start or finish between midnight and 6am” said Mr Treen.

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