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My Rights! What Can I do?


Can I be disciplined for taking strike action?

No. You are completely protected by the law when you take action. During negotiations breaking the contract by taking collective action is legal.

Can I be ordered to do the work of a striking worker if it is not my normal work?

No you can't. If they want you to do the work of a striking worker they must ask you and inform you that you have the right to refuse. This would be the case if they asked a supervisor to become a dealer or go on security. This applies to IEA staff as well.

Do I have to give the company notice I am going on strike?

Our right to strike

  • SEA-Unite and SFWU members have a legal right to take industrial action at any time. We do not have to give the company any notice before taking action.

  • We can take action either as a whole union with every member involved or we can decide to take action in smaller groups by department or shifts.

  • Action can be for 30 minutes or a whole shift. A late start or an early out can be a form of industrial action.

  • Action we take should be designed to cause maximum discomfort to SkyCity and its operations with the least effect on members.

Wage increases need to keep on coming - CTU

Wage rises as indicated by latest data out this morning (4 August) need to keep on coming, the Council of Trade Unions said today.

"With inflation forecast to reach 5 percent by September, annual wage increases of 3.5 percent are modest," CTU Economist Peter Conway said, following today's Labour Cost Index release by Statistics NZ.

"Workers have been facing rising food and fuel costs and therefore will be looking for reasonable wage increases to keep afloat."

"Treasury estimate that labour productivity rose by 3.1 percent in the March 2008 year and this means that wage rises are unlikely to impact on inflation to any great extent." *

"The labour market is still relatively 'tight' with employment growth of 2.5 percent for the year."

August correspondence

16 August 2008

Dear Simon,

Re: Access to SkyCity Premises

We response to your letter dated 13 August although I didn't receive it until yesterday. You raise a number of matters that I would like to comment on.

1. We are pleased that you have agreed to comply with the unions' legal right to access SkyCity. However your attempt you place unreasonable restrictions on our access rights is not acceptable.

Sky City Strike 2 Aug 08

Sky City Strike 2 Aug 08

Advice to Non-union staff

As it was the unions’ first 24 hour strike SkyCity had plenty of notice to roster their management and non-union staff to cover Saturday. We weren’t too worried about this as the weekend’s strike was to send a message to the CEO and SkyCity shareholders that we reject the 4% offer and we are determined to fight for a fairer deal.
However non-members should know that by taking the opportunity during the strike to gain of a few hours pay in the end helps the company to minimise any wage increase they and their workmates may get.
That’s why there is a real reluctance from union members to do all the negotiating and fighting and then have non-union staff line up with their hand out for the very money union members won.

Welcome Back Everyone!

The 24 hour strike by hundreds of SkyCity Union Members finished at 10am on Sunday. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Dear Managers and other Senior Salaried Employees

Dear Managers and other Senior Salaried Employees,

I wouldn’t normally write to you as a non-member and as a senior manager about the strike. I understand that as managers that to some extent you are the ‘meat in the sandwich.’ On one hand you have professional responsibilities to SkyCity, but also have friendships and personal obligations to your staff of whom some are union members currently in the wage dispute with SkyCity.

Strike action a long time coming for gaming machine workers

Annie has been working in Gaming Machines for three years and has noticed a big shift in the relationships between the employer, management and the workers. She says the strike action has been a long time coming.

"This used to be a really good place when I started - there were really good relationships between the employer and staff, but over the last 18 months things have slipped a lot," she says.

Annie describes the communication as "one-sided", saying there is not enough consistency with briefings between management and staff which leads to confusion.

"The staff make mistakes because they are told different things by different people. This is not deliberate, they are just getting confused.

Demand for long service pay at SkyCity supported

Ilona has been working in Property Services for 12 years and is still paid $14 an hour. She supports the demand for long service pay.

"When we opened they paid us three per cent more on our one year anniversary and when we passed through our levels of seniority (starting on level 1 and moving up with experience) they used to give us four per cent. Now they have taken that away too," she explains.

Ilona says the department is often short staffed and the company brings some staff on but not enough to cover all of the areas. The ones they do bring then ask for overtime.

"Everyone who is already on shift has to work extra but doesn't get paid for all of the extra effort and work they put in."

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