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Unite Union 2014 Conference and AGM

Unite will be holding its 2014 National conference and AGM in Auckland on Monday 1st December and Tuesday 2nd December at the St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland. Delegates will be attending from all over the country to participate in training workshops, discussions about the future of unionism and Unite, and to elect Unite's National Executive, the leading body of the union.

The conference is a great opportunity for leading members from different sectors and regions to meet up, learn from each other's experiences, and take the movement forward. Any member can attend as an observer but voting representatives need to be either elected as AGM reps or already elected as a rep from their worksite.

Baycorp settlement a win for workers

Members of Unite Union at Baycorp have won a victory through concerted industrial action.

The long difficult dispute at the company’s inner city call centre in Auckland was finally settled last month when workers ratified their collective employment agreement.

“It’s not everything we wanted but I’m proud of the way the workers stuck together and refused to be bullied” said one member following ratification of the agreement.

The effect is that most union members will receive 3.5% backdated seven months and a further 3.5% increase from July 1st this year. Each union member also receives a 1% training allowance payment.

Baycorp on strike - No debt collecting this afternoon!

Baycorp on strike - No debt collecting this afternoon!

This was the theme for an afternoon protest by more than 50 Unite Union members outside Baycorp’s head office in Auckland on August 10th.
This protest is one of three strikes at the company over the past month to protest the company’s attempt to claw back the workers redundancy provisions as well as offering just 1% to 3% pay offer.
Workers lined both sides of the busy Hopetown Street in central Auckland and received a barrage of supportive toots from cars and trucks throughout the strike.
After poor pay rises in the past two years the workers want a reasonable increase this year and on-going industrial action is planned.
Negotiations have been very difficult with the purchase of Baycorp by an Australian based private equity firm last year.

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