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Short till? Don't get forced to pay

Unite recently got a Pizza Hut worker $100 back after they had been pressured to reimburse for a till that was short. Unite members are advised not to offer to personally reimburse for till shortfalls. Get in touch with the union if you come under pressure to make up the difference yourself.

Wendys holiday entitlements - sorted

Since Christmas Wendy's workers at some stores have been having a hard time getting the alternative days granted after working on public holidays. Unite did casework for some members and got their individual issues resolved.

Unite and Wendy’s now have an agreement to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding which will sort out these problems by clarifying policy.

Workers who work 3 out of the previous 4 normal days (e.g. worked 3 of the 4 Mondays before a Monday public holiday) will qualify for extra time off as well as the extra pay under the Holidays Act. This means there should be no problems for any Unite member who would normally work on the day on which a given public holiday falls.

Rosters and Hours of work in Restaurants

Over the last month several issues have been raised with Unite organisers regarding security or hours and roster protocols, the following is a summary of what your contract says about these important issues.

Can Managers Join the Union?

Many managers and assistant managers in the restaurants are unsure as to whether they can join the union or not.


What's Passing on and Free-Riding?

Passing-on: When the company gives the benefits and improvements that the union wins to non-members.

Free-riding: When an employee on a site covered by a union decides not to join the union while receiving the benefits and improvements that the union wins.


Wendy's hamburgers make final offer

Wendy's hamburgers make final offer

by Jared Phillips

As a result of two strikes and a symbolic 15-minute break taken by Wendy’s workers during shift, the company attempted to use the Employment Relations Authority to bring penalties against the union. The Employment Relations Authority reinforced that union members had the right to take strike action when negotiations have broken down.

Old fashioned rest breaks bring strike action at Wendy’s

The fast food company Wendy’s is refusing to introduce an industry standard 15 minute tea/coffee break while workers often work without breaks, says Unite, the fast-food workers union.

Unite members at the Greenlane Wendy’s store took a two hour strike action in a busy Sunday lunch-time period. Unite member Ana Leao, one of many delegates at the store, spoke to the media and said, ‘We want 15 minute breaks, and I’m here to stand up for all my workmates’. During the strike many customers who intended to shop at Wendy’s chose to turn away and take their custom to fast-food stores which have implemented 15 minute rest breaks.

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