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2013 Burger King Agreement Vote

Unite Union members at Burger King are being asked to vote on a new Collective Agreement with the company.

Negotiations for a new collective agreement have been ongoing between Unite Union and Burger King. Workers from Christchurch, Wellington, Hastings, Whangarei and Auckland have been in negotiations at Antares head office
Negotiation sessions have finished with the company putting forward an offer to the Union which includes the following changes:

Free Meals, brought to you by the Union!

Important: New BK social media policy

10th March 2013

IMPORTANT: New BK Social Media Policy

BK gagEmails and texts have been being sent to ALL Burger King Unite Union members across the country.

You can view the new policy by downloading a pdf file here (1.9mb - you may need to right click and "save as" the link). The file is password protected - the password has been emailed and sent by text to BK unite members.

Earthquake information: Employer Responses

Unite has contacted all employers of Unite members in the Christchurch area. The email we sent out is copied below.
These are some of the shorter responses we have received or had forwarded to us from Christchurch employers. We will update information as we receive it.

If any Christchurch member has not heard form their employer about pay and working hours please contact Unite asap on 08002UNITE or

For detailed responses see the following pages:
Millenium Hotels
Restaurant Brands (KFC, Starbucks and Pizza Hut
ISS and First Security
Accor Hotels

Final written warning for Facebook comments outrageous

Unite Union National Director Mike Treen described as outrageous the decision by Burger King to give a final written warning today to a young worker who posted “Real jobs don’t underpay and overwork people like BK does” on a private Facebook page.

BK worker faces sack over private facebook use

Unite Union is appalled that a union member employed by fast-food company Burger King faces the sack for posting the words “Real jobs don’t underpay and overwork people like BK does” on a private page of Facebook.

The 27-year-old from BK in Dunedin is upset and stressed at facing a charge of serious misconduct for the posting which is not available for public view.

“It’s a comment most New Zealanders know to be true about the fast-food industry in any case,” says Unite National Director Mike Treen. “We all know these companies are tied at the hip to the minimum wage and workers are frequently run off their feet.”

Burger king and Mcdonalds workers: what do you want?

Negotiations are quickly approaching for two of the largest fast food industry staff contracts. Unite will be negotiating over wages and conditions with McDonald’s and Burger King from March 2011.

Delegates from both of these companies attending Unite’s inaugural conference in Auckland recently raised discussed what they would like to see change at work and in their contracts. Here are some of their suggestions:


    $15 per hour start rate
    Security of hours and recognition of the full time position
    Graveyard allowance applied to all staff and for the entire shift.
    McCafe training and allowances
    A union noticeboard in each restaurant
    Security provided during night shifts
    At least 2 maintenance staff rostered at all times

Short till? Don't get forced to pay

Unite recently got a Pizza Hut worker $100 back after they had been pressured to reimburse for a till that was short. Unite members are advised not to offer to personally reimburse for till shortfalls. Get in touch with the union if you come under pressure to make up the difference yourself.

BurgerKing Kiwisaver contributions

Burger King workers belonging to the KiwiSaver scheme found in April that wage increases, where applicable, had been reduced or foregone to pay the employers Kiwisaver contribution. This was never agreed to in contract negotiations with Unite.

This means that Union members should still have recieved their negotiated rates but didn't. Unite organisers have pressured the company to change this and the company has agreed to make their contribtuion in addition to wages and with backpay to April 1st. The company is not compelled to do this for employees who are not covered by the Unite agreement.

Contact your delegate or Unite organiser if you are concerned that your Kiwisaver contributions are not right.

Rosters and Hours of work in Restaurants

Over the last month several issues have been raised with Unite organisers regarding security or hours and roster protocols, the following is a summary of what your contract says about these important issues.

BK’s Kiwisaver rip-off – thank you for your contribution

Earlier this year Unite negotiated a new agreement with Burger King which gave staff some gains in pay and security of hours. Burger King, however, is doing everything possible to ensure that remuneration stays as low as possible. In early April members received a letter stating the following.

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