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A new union agreement was reached with McDonalds which members accepted at ratification meetings held throughout late August and early September. Highlights of the agreement include:

• Two-year deal, backdated to April 1, 2011, meaning only 18 months before new bargaining. Retention of previous wage relativities above minimum wage for all graded positions, set increase for supervisors, and minimum of 2% for supervisors in second year of deal.

• New targeted scheduled hours protocol which will limit wide fluctuations of employees work hours by ensuring staff who average at least 25 hours will not be reduced by more than 25%.

• Increased delegate’s rights.

April 1st RBL pay rise - No joke!

All RBL waged union members will be getting a 3% increase from 1st April 2011. This rise was negotiated by Unite when the collective was settled last year.

The rise was negotiated to be 3% or the increase in the minimum wage - which ever was higher. The increase in the minimum wage will only be 2% (from $12.75 to $13.00) but the base rate for RBL workers will be $13.13 per hour.

Salaried staff annual reviews should be taking place in March and Unite will be consulting with managers about the salary protocol and discussing it with RBL.

Earthquake information: Restaurant Brands

Unite has asked all employers of our members in Christchurch to inform us about their plans for workers in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquake.

This is an email from RBL for all RBL staff :

Date: Friday 25th February 2011

To: All Employees in Christchurch Region

CC: Payroll, Area Managers, Regional Operations Managers, HSE Manager, Unite Union

From: Human Resources / KFC, Pizza Hut & Starbucks Operations

RBL Salaried Managers Negotiation

RBL Negotiating team

Restaurant Brands Limited Salaried Managers Bargaining team met with RBL management last month to discuss claims for a union agreement. Both the union and company presented their claims and agreed to meet again to discuss further on 9th December. Overall the negotiations were positive and Unite is optimistic about the process so far.

If you would like to know more then please contact Tom at or 029-445-5703.

RBL Misconduct Reporting: What you need to know

Restaurant Brands Ltd (KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks) has recently announced a new confidential information phone line and website so that the company can obtain information from employees about misconduct in the workplace. Below are a few things members need to know about the Report It Now website and the 0800 ALERT phone line:

- Unite was not in any way involved in establishing Report It Now/0800 ALERT with RBLNZ or any other firm. Unite has no relationship with Report It Now/0800 ALERT.

- A danger with such anonymous reporting methods is that people could potentially try to use the system to settle personal problems with other employees.

Short till? Don't get forced to pay

Unite recently got a Pizza Hut worker $100 back after they had been pressured to reimburse for a till that was short. Unite members are advised not to offer to personally reimburse for till shortfalls. Get in touch with the union if you come under pressure to make up the difference yourself.

Letter from Restaurant Brands Delegate

Peace to you comrades.

And also all our loyal members would like to give our utmost gratitude for your support.

We have effectively unionised 80% of our store and morale is at an all time high.

At first this was hard going for me and what small membership we had.

So we devised a plan targeted at none members to show how strong we can be if we stick together.

The members and I held a meeting so we could talk about all our concerns and bring them to managements attention.

  1. Management demanding a med cert if someone is sick one day.

  2. Management invading privacy (Ringing up homes talking to family seeing if someone is sick).

Rosters and Hours of work in Restaurants

Over the last month several issues have been raised with Unite organisers regarding security or hours and roster protocols, the following is a summary of what your contract says about these important issues.

New breaks schedule

As you will be aware, there is a new breaks schedule for crew and supervisors within all RBLNZ stores. The change was partially due to new legislation introduced by the government.

The legislation means that ALL employers are now required to give 10-minute and 30-minute breaks. Based on legislation change, Unite negotiated a formal variation to the union agreement with RBLNZ.

The main advantages of the new breaks schedule for RBL staff are firstly, a 15-minute break within a three-hour shift, and secondly, two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour unpaid break for total shift lengths of 6-8 hours. So, for example, if you start at 12 noon and finish at 6pm, you will get two 15s and one 30 minute break.

Can Managers Join the Union?

Many managers and assistant managers in the restaurants are unsure as to whether they can join the union or not.


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