Vote for new Collective Agreement for RBL Waged staff

Unite members employed at Restaurant Brands have overwhelmingly voted to accept a new two year Collective Agreement, 98% in favour of ratification.

The key improvements are:

1. Pay: 

- For the first time ever no-one working at RBL will be on the minimum wage. The entry rate will be 10 cents an hour above the minimum wage this year ($15.85) and 20 cents higher from 1st April 2018.

- Gold Star, Expert Gold, Barista Basics and Star qualified staff will get a 60 cents per hour increase.

- LAS/Shift Supervisor qualified staff will receive a base rate of $17.94 per hour ($1 per hour more for most) as long as they are willing to run shifts and be paid the sole charge allowance within their normal fixed roster when required (if not prepared to run shifts the increase is only 50 cents per hour). Sole charge allowances have been adjusted so the total hourly rate increase for running sole charge shifts is 50 cents (please note that the KFC LAS sole charge rate is therefore $22.27 per hour - not $22.77 as incorrectly stated in RBL’s media release).

- Next year all base rates rates will increase by the minimum wage plus 10 cents. Recently the minimum wage has been increasing by 50 cents each year. If that happened in 2018 then all hourly rates will increase by 60 cents per hour.

- All increases will be backdated to 1st April 2017 (this will be paid after the ratification vote is completed).

You can download and view all the hourly rates and allowances here

2 Fixed Shifts

There was much debate and negotiation over rosters and fixed shifts - particularly as to how members can improve their rosters when shifts become vacant in stores. Because fixed shifts have only been in place for a few months we have an agreement to review the processes later in the year, but we have some interim processes in the meantime:

- Single vacant shifts should be offered to existing staff within four weeks

- Temporary cover shifts (e.g. when someone is on ACC, maternity or other leave etc) will need to be assigned to existing staff if longer than four weeks in duration.

- If multiple shifts become vacant (e.g. if someone leaves) and the shifts are not offered to existing staff before being advertised then staff can apply for the position 

- After 1st August 2017 staff will be able to apply to drop a shift to allow them to pick up a different shift (e.g. a shift on the same day but different times).

In November we will have a working party to review the vacant shift processes and make changes if agreed upon, and there will be workshops that the union will attend to educate both crew and managers about how the fixed shift processes work.

RBL have also committed to publishing in each store the weekly roster which identifies both the current fixed and current vacant shifts.

3. Other matters

- A commitment to having elected Health and Safety Reps

- A process for being compensated immediately when paid breaks are missed (after 1st November 2017 once systems are in place). The union and the company agree that breaks should be taken and not missed. The aim of paying compensation is there to ensure missed breaks are recorded and that managers are motivated to make sure they are taken.

- Up to two weeks additional payment for redundancy (currently there is no payment apart from notice).

- A rewriting of the disciplinary process, including limiting the duration of written warnings to 12 months. 

- Continuation of the benefits programme as a “pass-on” payment to union members only.

- Six monthly operational meetings where the union reps and the company can discuss and resolve  operational issues  (e.g. meals, uniforms etc).

- Sharing with the union the audit report on annual leave compliance. 

The full proposed new 2017 to 2019 collective agreement can be downloaded and viewed by clicking here (PDF file). 

The Terms of Settlement contains other matters agreed between Unite and Restaurant Brands that sit outside the collective agreement.


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