One in five timesheets falsified by managers.

One in five timesheets falsified by managers.

Unite Union survey finds one in five housekeepers have had their timesheets falsified by their Managers            

Timesheet.pngTwo months ago Unite Union issued a survey to our entire Unite Union Hotel membership.

The results have proven to be concerning, and unfortunately support our suspicions that there are some bad practices taking place in some of New Zealand’s’ top hotels. A shocking 1 in 5 housekeepers report having their timesheets altered without their consent. These workers have witnessed this taking place, most often their finish time is altered to prevent them being paid for all the time they’ve worked. Across all hotel departments 15% of hotel workers report this occurring. 

A further 6% of housekeeping respondents have been told by their Managers to complete their own timesheets fraudulently. Instead of writing the time they finish work they’ve been told to write the time their employer thinks they should have finished. This also results in the employer keeping back some of the wages owed to their employees.

16% of our housekeeping members report that they are not paid per hour, but are paid per room, or by the credit system. This is concerning as our members are all on Employment Agreements which state that they MUST be paid per hour. Paying workers per room means these workers are having their wages stolen by their employers.

These practices are unacceptable and unlawful. These hotels know they are in the wrong but they continue to turn a blind eye to their Managers using these systems to rip off their workers. All union members are encouraged to follow the following instructions carefully, if any members are concerned they’re being ripped off and owed money please contact the union asap.

  • Enforce your right to be paid per hour. The easiest way to do this is to complete your timesheet correctly. Write the actual time you start work, and the actual time you finish. The time on the housekeeping boards does not apply and is not relevant at all to your timesheet.
  • Keep your own record every shift of what times you work.
  • Check your payslip each pay week to check you were paid for all the hours you worked. If you do not know how, or you think your pay is wrong see your delegate or contact the union office.
  • Do not accept changes to your timesheet if they are fraudulent and incorrect, do not initial or sign these changes. Report them to the union office asap.
  • Take a picture of your timesheets, rosters, any information that may help the union to follow through on your complaints.

Unite Union urges all members to be vigilant, none of the practices are acceptable and the union will back any members who report this to us 100%.