Old McDonald's had a strike....

Old McDonald's had a strike....



The author is a McDonald's crew member in the South Island.

Going on strike is scary, but it's also very exciting.

It's not like other kinds of protest. You're not just showing up to the city square at 3pm, marching down the road shouting about the war/the environment/the Illuminati lizard people then going home to obsessively search Facebook for photos with you in them. Instead, you have to walk off your own job, under the watchful and perhaps slightly disapproving eyes of the shift manager.

Normally these are the guys in charge, the ones who tell you what to do, but for this one moment, on this one day, life gets flipped-turned upside down and you take control. It's exciting, but it can also be very scary.

In the days leading up to the strike you sneak conversations with your coworkers while the managers are out back. You remind them that the union is negotiating for us all to get secure hours and higher wages, and that the bosses are refusing to budge. You argue that if we strike it'll show the company that we means business, and it'll put us in the media – who, for once, are overwhelmingly on our side. Everyone knows zero hour contracts are bullshit.