Calling for Change Campaign

Call for change grows louder

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Call Centre Horror Stories

The following are some of the bad experiences call centre workers in New Zealand have had to endure. Many Australian call centre companies have set up shop across the Tasman so they can pay kiwi workers lower wages and offer worse working conditions than they could get away with in Australia. Unite has teamed up with The National Union of Workers to organise call centre workers on both sides of ditch.
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Campaign Update #4 Union Negotiations Continue...

Negotiations for collective agreements across the research industry are continuing despite call centre bosses finding it hard even to make it to the meetings.
Some employers have already offered up substantial improvements in terms and conditions especially around shift security
but others lag behind.
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Auckland call centre workers strike at Australian owned call centre

All twenty-seven market research interviewers working on Monday night at the SurveyTalk call centre in Auckland walked off the job last night, angry at their Australian bosses continued refusal to improve pay rates, health and safety and allow workers to take annual leave like all other research call centre employees can.
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Digipoll boss Dr. Gabriel Dekel is a real Dr. Jekyll

The Unite Union has instructed its lawyers to file a case against the Digipoll research company in the Employment Relations Authority citing the continued victimisation of union members at its Hamilton call centre.
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John Minto: Sweatshops taking hold

Can you imagine turning up for work to do a six-hour shift only to be sent home with just an hour's pay because your computer breaks down. What about being sent home without pay when the person doing the roster has booked too many staff and there aren't enough computers for everyone. Or imagine a scramble at the start of each shift to get a pair of reasonable headphones rather than be left with broken gear through your shift.
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Campaign Update #3

Over the last month hundreds of union members took part in meetings to decide on what they want in the new union collective agreement. At ten different research companies members took part in secret ballots and overwhelmingly voted for one big union agreement to cover ten different companies....
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Research into Health and Safety in Australian call centres

Two reports by the Australian union that covers call centre workers reveal some shocking statistics about workplace health and safety in call centres:

Preliminary Study: Stress & Anxiety in the Market & Social Research Industry , May 2007

Preliminary Study: Office Physical Health and Safety in the Market Research Industry, November 2007

Trans-Tasman Campaign Agreed

The National Union of Workers (NUW) of Australia and Unite have decided to form a united front in organising workers in the market and social research industry. The common goal is the negotiation of binding and enforceable union agreements in both New Zealand and Australia.
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