Health and Safety

Health and Safety issues include those directly connected to being safe at work such as the removal of dangers and hazards, but also include rights to breaks, stress, bullying in the workplace, sickness and sick leave, maximum hours of work, disability, holiday leave entitlement, first aid, fire safety, pregnancy, and training and education.

Health and Safety in the workplace is overseen by the Department of Labour. The Department of Labour inspects workplaces to check on safety and health arrangements, investigates accidents at work, and makes sure employers and employees comply with health and safety legislation.

All employers are obliged under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 to provide a workplace that is safe to work in and hazard free for employees.

Each worksite is expected under the Act to have a health and safety strategy in place to prevent hazards and to deal with issues in the case of an emergency.

This includes a fire strategy, with safety officers, and methods of ensuring the safety of everyone at work. Safety strategies are often best decided upon by the people working in the job who can help the employer define any dangers and health and safety issues.

The Act also covers stress related dangers and an employer and a worker have a joint responsibility in ensuring workers do not become over-stressed at work.

In the case of hazardous workplaces, the employee needs to advise their manager or employer in the first instance. If this is not possible or has little result, the matter should be referred to a relevant authority.

  • For a 'Place of Work' matter, e.g. factory, office environment, logging or construction site, contact the Department of Labour through the options listed here

  • Details for OSH complaints can be found here
  • If you want to report a 'dirty' food premises or unhygienic practices of food handlers, contact and Environmental Health Officer at your Local Council

  • Typical examples include:
    - vermin
    - poor personal hygiene of food handlers
    - visibly unclean premises
    - poor food handling and hand-hygiene