New law allows shifties to transfer their public holidays

As part of the new legislation coming in later this year that legally requires employees to give their workers breaks, there is also the chance for shift workers to transfer their public holidays to another day.

That is to say that if someone does a shift that carries over into a public holiday, they can negotiate with their employer to transfer that holiday to the next shift they would have worked.

So, if an employee works on a public holiday, they can take that holiday at another time with pay as a statutory day rather than missing out on the holiday or being paid as a normal shift.

Recently a Supreme Court decision ruled that a public holiday had to be one that was listed in the Holidays Act and could not be transferred. With the law change, people will be able to work a full shift, even if it carries over into a public holiday and still enjoy a full day off, rather than working a split shift and cutting their public holiday in half.

It must be noted however, that the decision needs to be discussed and agreed upon by both employee and employer.

This amendment will apply when an employee's shift spans two calendar days and at least one of those days is a public holiday.