Who is Unite?

What is Unite?

We’re a campaigning union that fights to improve workers’
wages and work conditions through negotiations and
campaigns. We protect members and ensure they are treated
fairly at work.

Who is Unite?

We’re a democratic voluntary movement of workers in hotels,
restaurants, casinos, cinemas, call centres, security, malls and
language schools. But workers from every sector are joining
because they want a union that will work positively with their
employer but will also fight for them.

Strength in Numbers

In any employment relationship there is always more power with an employer. When workers join together it evens things up a bit.

Unite is New Zealand’s fastest growing private sector community union covering workers in the following areas:

- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Call centres
- Casino
- Cinemas
- Security
- Language schools
- Retail
- Hospitals

Unite is a democratic non-profit organisation.

Here’s how it works:

As a member, you elect your workplace representative (If you would like to run for a rep position, let your Organiser know) and attend Unite Annual General Meetings (AGMs). At the AGMs elected reps vote on policy and how the union works. They also elect an Executive to run the union and employ staff.

Unite membership is unique

Unlike other unions you can stay as a full or support member and continue to receive union benefits even if you change jobs or leave the workforce.

Download a booklet about Unite here (PDF file 1.1MB).