Minimum wage to rise to at least $15 an hour

Minimum wage to rise to at least $15 an hour

By Joe Carolan, Unite Organiser and  Co-Ordinator of Campaign for a Living Wage - $15ph now

After five years of strikes and struggles, a million conversations at gigs, workplaces and sports events that collected a quarter of a million voters signatures for a referendum petition, which quickly won 70% approval in mainstream news polls - on Tuesday the Government finally announced it would take the minimum wage above $15 an hour.


Joe Carolan left on 2009 picket to launch the campaign.

On 11 June 2009, Unite Union launched $15 ph - Campaign for a Living Wage.  

Out on the streets, in schools, workplaces and on the web we were out collecting signatures and organising a new movement of workers for a living future with a living wage.

The campaign aimed to get an immediate rise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and then to have it set at two-thirds of the average wage.

The first part of our campaign was when we collected over 250,000 signatures in 12 months for our Petition.

Well done to all the activists, delegates, strikers, socialists and union members who helped win this fight for low paid workers.

Onwards to $20 an hour minimum, secure hours for all, a Universal Basic Income, full employment and rent Control. Big ups to all the comrades - you know who you are.