McDonalds "rostered zero hours" offer meaningless - Action on April 15

McDonalds "rostered zero hours" offer meaningless - Action on April 15


Strikes and protests are going ahead at McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy's on Wednesday as part of an international fast food workers day of action.

Unite National Director Mike Treen said McDonald's had put out some PR spin while they were in bargaining this morning with us that claimed an end to zero hours but is far from a genuine secure hours offer.
Their offer was for a "guarantee" of 80% of "rostered hours". This is a meaningless formula. Rostered hours are a long way from hours worked which is the formula we have used at Restaurant Brands.
Rostered hours are completely under the control of the company. They can go up and down at their discretion. These companies always roster people for fewer hours than they need and less than they usually work to keep the workers hungry for hours and waiting at home for a phone call for extra shifts. Managers will continue to have power to use and abuse the rosters. 
Workers will have no way of knowing whether the roster is fair and equitable. We need a guarantee of hours based on the hours a worker usually works not what they are rostered. That way it also allows guaranteed hours to build up over time. 
There is also no pathway or commitment to regular fixed shifts in the future, which is a very important aspect of the agreement with Restaurant Brands. Workers want to be able to plan their lives and with shifts that change week to week it simply isn’t possible.
We have not accepted this so called offer from McDonald's. We remain in dispute with all three companies. However bargaining continues. We ask the public to keep up the pressure on these three companies until we have genuine offers to end zero hours.

Auckland: Assemble outside Brittomart 12 noon

Palmerston North: 12 noon Rangitikei St, 

Wellington: 12 noon, Manners Mall, City Central

Christchurch: 6pm, McDonald’s Cnr Linwood Ave and Buckleys Rd.

Dunedin: 5pm, McDonald's Anderson's Bay, 391 Anderson's Bay Rd,