Message for McDonald's Workers re Security Of Hours

Last month you should have received your guaranteed hours under the Security of Hours clause of the collective employment agreement between McDonald's and Unite Union.

This was a major victory for you and Unite Union in our long campaign for more secure hours in this company and the industry as a whole. 


Workers employed at the company-owned McOpCo stores should have received a letter with the number of hours guaranteed going forward. 

Workers at franchise-owned stores should have the number included on their pay record.

This number is based on clause 2.1 in the collective agreement which guarantees 80% of the hours worked (up to a 32-hour cap) between 1 July and 30 September 2015. This number will be recalculated on Dec 31 and at the end of each three-month period from then on (view the McDonald's Unite Collective Agreement here).

We believe workers should be able to increase their hours to the number they want.

For this to happen it is important that a second part of the collective agreement is also applied. This stipulates that "Where additional hours become available in a restaurant, current employees will be offered additional shifts before new employees are employed."

The collective agreement also stipulates that "where practicable additional shifts will be notified to new employees on the crew notice board." 

Notices have been prepared by McDonald's head office and made available to franchise owners and managers to use to ensure this happens. (You can view the company "now hiring" notice here and Security of Hours letter here ).

Make sure additional hours are being made available in your store before new staff are hired. Contact Unite if this is not happening.