Vote for new Collective Agreement for RBL Waged staff

Strike Action!.. Why is it So Awesome? Well... Imagine you’re that person at your at who ends up doing all the dishes ALL the time! But no one really notices it or  appreciates it! By stopping doing the dishes you show your lazy at mates that it’s not a magical fairy that cleans them all over night... it’s YOU! This is strike action.  When you work for Restaurant Brands you make the company heaps of $$$ but you don’t see much of it. The made $26 million in profit last year and paid the CEO a $1 million bonus recently....
Strike Action: why it works and what your rights are

KFC, Pizza Hut, Carls Jr and Starbucks workers will strike tomorrow after negotiations broke down over a new collective agreement. “Yesterday Restaurant Brands announced  profits of $26 million and they have paid their CEO a million dollar bonus. Tomorrow the workers who actually make and sell their products have to go on strike to get a few cents above the minimum wage” said Unite National Secretary Gerard Hehir.  “This is a stark example of the growing gap between rich and poor and Unite Union members at Restaurant Brands are taking action to close the gap a little bit. While Restaurant...
KFC, Pizza Hut, Carls Jr and Starbucks workers to strike tomorrow

During the recent power outage in Gisborne our delegate and newly elected Unite Union Executive member and KFC worker Memory Leach went above and beyond her duties. When the power went out Memory was still asleep as she had worked the night shift. She was awoken by members in the store ringing her telling her that the Restaurant Manager has told them all to go home, but they were scared that if they left they will not be paid. Memory rocked up in her Unite Union hoodie and a thermos of hot tea and coffee in hands. The restaurant manager...
KFC union delegate goes above and beyond during Gisborne power outage

 We have had some reports of members being asked to change their "desired hours" and availability on Serveme recently. Our advice is simple: do not make any changes unless you want to. Reducing your availability or "desired hours" is likely to reduce your paid and Guaranteed Minimum Hours (GMH) as follows:

CEO to meet with workers to discuss “positive pathway forward”. We are pleased to announce that Russel Creedy, CEO of Restaurant Brands has accepted an offer from the laid off workers of KFC Kaikohe to discuss a “positive pathway forward”. Thirteen Kaikohe KFC employees had been left high and dry before Christmas after being made redundant with no compensation.
Kaikohe KFC prematurely closed down following 10 days of community support pickets.

(Reprinted from Stuff website) By SARAH HARRIS Thirteen Kaikohe KFC employees are being left high and dry before Christmas after being made redundant with no compensation. Restaurant Brands, who own KFC, is closing the store on December 2 due to several years of running at a loss. Unite Union organiser Gary Cranston says the store has known it might close for the last year but only told staff on November 12. See Video interview with Unite Organiser Gary Cranston
KFC refuse redundancy payouts

Kelvin Davis with KFC Kaikohe workers KFC is to shut its Kaikohe outlet with no payout for the workers just three weeks before Christmas, says Kelvin Davis, MP for Te Tai Tokerau.  “The ten staff were notified late last week that they would lose their jobs early next month.  Restaurant Brands, who own KFC, have refused to provide compensation.    
Labour MP Kelvin Davis - No Goodwill from KFC

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  This morning workers at KFC Kaikohe were told they are to be laid off just before Christmas. A picket has been put on the store until the company decides to do the right thing by the workers. The company was aware of the likelihood of closure for at least a year without letting the crew know. "Restaurant Brands made $23.8 million dollars profit last year thanks in part to the loyalty of employees and customers in small communities like Kaikohe." said Unite Union organiser Gary Cranston. "It's not like they can't afford to pay them enough to get through Christmas."  ...
KFC Kaikohe. Workers laid off. Pickets on.