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New-SEA-logo_small.pngA few important points about SEA-Unite Membership


How much does it cost? 

For most of our members, the weekly union fee reflects the reality that their income can vary pay to pay. The current fee is 1.1% of your wage with a minimum of $2 a week and a maximum of $6 a week. If your pay goes down, so does your union fee.

This means if your pay is:

  • Up to $182 per week – the fee is $2 per week
  • Between $182 and $545 per week – 1.1% of income
  •         (eg $300 = $3.30, $400 = $4.40, $500 = $5.50)
  • $545 or more – $6 per week

Fees are as of 1st April 2016 and are normally deducted from your pay by your employer.

A great deal - New members who sign up by Sunday 3rd December will get the $100 union member only bonus, plus a $50 bonus every three months. It pays to belong to the union!

All members receive a discount voucher book annually, access to hundreds of additional discounts using their membership card and free life insurance. Some members receive regular additional benefits (shopping vouchers, movie tickets etc) that we have negotiated with some employers.

Unite’s Terms and Conditions

These are the basic rules we ask members to understand and agree to before joining. The full Union Rules are available to download here

  1. You have the right to union representation with any work problem. Try to resolve any matter first. Follow any reasonable request from your union representative.
  2. When you leave your employer let us know. You can remain a member or become a supporter
  3. Members wishing to resign need to do so in writing. Union benefits are only for union members and will cease immediately if you resign from Unite.
  4. Fees are set by members and paid by deduction by your employer or by automatic bank payment.
  5. To keep fees down email, texts and online information are our main forms of communication. Information is also distributed at worksites.
  6. Your email and personal information will be used for union authorised purposes only.
  7. It is illegal for an employer to approach you to leave Unite. Let us know if that happens.
  8. Whatever the rules are, our guiding principle is that we deal with each other in good faith.

What if I already have a problem with my employer?

When it comes to helping members with individual employment issues (eg disciplinary meetings, rosters etc) the union fee is much like an insurance premium. Members join the union and pay a little each week so when they need professional help they get it without having to worry about paying hourly fees at their time of need.

Just as you can’t insure your car the day after you crash it, the union can’t just accept members who only join when they have a problem. It would be unfair to existing members. This is particularly true if you have been working alongside Unite members for some time but have previously decided not to join the union.

That doesn't necessarily mean we won’t take you as a member and help, but it may mean that we negotiate additional fees for helping with the pre-existing issue. These will be a lot less than paying an employment lawyer and we may allow you to pay them off over time. You will still need to join the union and pay the regular weekly fee as well.

What if I change my mind?

Union membership is voluntary. You can leave the union at any time. We need written notification (email is fine). It may take a few weeks for your deductions to stop as this is controlled by your employer – not us. All union benefits will cease when you resign. If you leave your current job your union fee deductions will stop with your last pay.

Your right to join and be active in a union is strictly protected by law. If you are pressured by anyone not to join or to leave the union you should let us know immediately.

If you would like to print an application form and post it to us instead then click here.