Hotels booming

Hotels booming

A recent report produced by Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand (TIANZ) is predicting an explosion of work in the tourism and hospitality industries over the next decade. This is good news for workers as TIANZ estimates an extra 47,000 employees will be needed in this sector to service the expanding industry.

Accor Hotels Unite Union bargaining team in this years negotiations

Hotel occupancy is at an all-time high in New Zealand and as a result, a number of large new hotels are planned or currently under construction in Christchurch,  Wellington and Auckland. 

The Auckland City Council has predicted an extra 3800 rooms will be needed in Auckland alone by 2021.

All this is a positive sign for Unite Union Hotel Workers. Unite has expanded its hotel coverage into six new hotels over the last three months in Christchurch and Auckland and membership has hit an unprecedented high, especially in the largest hotel chain Accor.

This is positive in the lead up to negotiations for a new Collective Agreement. The last round of negotiations saw Accor become the first hotel chain in the country to tackle Zero hours contracts, with other chains following suit.

Unite Union Hotel Organiser Shanna Reeder says “it’s likely our members will continue to seek to improvements to secure hours clauses in their contracts, we think Employers are now aware how deeply unpopular Zero Hours contracts are with the general public and it’s simply not acceptable anymore. We’re very happy to have worked with some of the larger chains on this issue but some employers are still very behind and this issue remains a hot topic with the public and union members alike.”