Get your Maccas workmates to join the union

Tell your mates they need to do their share

We wish to congratulate all those members who stood firm during the bargaining period. You have won a major victory. Because of the pass on payment you will receive, it will mean that this agreement can be given to non-union staff.

But you should talk to your fellow crew who aren’t in the union and ask them to join up now. Make sure they know what the union has achieved for them. Tell them that it is not really fair for them to leave all the heavy lifting up to you and your fellow union members.

The more who join, the better off everyone is

You can confidently say that if we lifted our membership significantly at McDonald’s we would also be able to significantly improve our pay and conditions as well. Many of the equivalent pay rates at KFC are 75c to $2.50 an hour above the current McDonalds’ rates. The reason is simple - we have more union members and that means we have more bargaining power.

Leading campaigns (including a petition signed by 250,000 people) to increase the minimum wage from 30% of the average wage to 50% today.

- Getting rid of youth rates in 2006. The union also stopped the company reintroducing them in 2013.

- Increasing the paid breaks from 10 to 15 minutes.

- Getting a clear system for breaks in to the agreement so that the company can’t take them away when the government changed to law to reduce the requirement to provide breaks. When we started organising in the industry breaks were routinely denied staff.

- Getting compensation of 15 minutes added to your shift if you miss a 15 minute break.

- Getting a clearer and fairer system for moving off the minimum wage by at least 50 cents after a year.

- Getting a “pass-on” payment of up to $200 for union members only.

- Stopping the company from being able to fire you for no reason within less than 90 days of starting your job.

- Increasing the Shift Supervisor rate by $1.50 per hour and winning a higher duties allowance.

- Getting secure hours starting 1st October 2015. 


What you can do now:

• Become facebook friends with “Worker McDonalds

• Ask your non-union workmates to do the same.

The link below is unique to you, so anyone who signs up using it will be attributed to you. Share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or whichever other way you like and get your mates at Maccas to join Unite. 

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