Deacon Chris Sullivan: "Zero Hour contracts- against God"

Deacon Chris Sullivan: "Zero Hour contracts- against God"

Dear Maccas, Burger King and Wendy's,

I urge you to end zero hours contracts which are a form of worker exploitation and are not a good buisness practice for companies wanting to succeed and grow.

As Pope Francis has often pointed out, such exploitation of workers is against God.

It's time to be honest and provide secure hours for your workers.

Not knowing what hours you will be working or how much will be in your pay packet from week to week is no way to live. People I know are genuinely shocked when they learn how your workers can have their hours and pay slashed from week to week simply because their manager decides so.

This causes so much unecessary stress on working families. Workers on zero hours cannot even get bank loans to buy houses or cars because they have zero hours.

You expect them to turn up to work when you want but don't have the decency to make sure they have enough paid hours each week to feed their families and pay their bills. These sorts of jobs have no place in a modern society.

You run profitable retail businesses with set hours. There is simply no good reason why you can't offer all your workers a guarantee of hours.

I understand that workers at KFC, Pizza Hutt, Carls Jr. and Starbucks will have guaranteed hours from July this year. If Restaurant Brands can do it then why can't you?

You all claim to be good, caring corporate citizens of New Zealand. It's time to prove it.

Kind Regards,
Rev Chris Sullivan